Johanna Meadows

Johanna Meadows

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  • “My guiding principle as a journalist and editor is to write texts that are authentic, comprehensively researched and reader-oriented.”
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    Just as communication shapes the identity of a person, so does it play a key role in defining the identity of a company. The success of your business or the reach of your organization depends on how successfully you address your customers, members or interested persons. Do your texts reach them? Do they feel sufficiently informed? Are they inclined to take a look at your website because the last piece inspired them? There is an increasing need to strike a balance between easy to digest bits of text, precise press releases and in-depth articles like reports and portraits. Casual and simple vs. serious and accurate vs. descriptive and informative. And at the same time, as far as possible, in a consistent manner.

    Fortunately there is a way of achieving just that. Thanks to my affinity for language and extensive linguistic education and training, I can offer you texts in wide variety of formats. After completing studies of Multilingual Communication, I initially worked as an editor and proofreader. Thus, you can be sure of getting a flawless product from me. If you have a finished text, I would be glad to check it with regard to spelling, punctuation and grammar. Based on my experience at PR agencies and newspaper editorial offices, I am able to find the right tone and form of presentation that will lead to the desired goal. Whether a customer magazine, website text or social media support – with me your image is in good hands.

    I have a yen for topics and subject matter whose sights are set on a better future. Key milestones in my career were an advanced training program lasting several months at the Gesellschaft für Nachhaltige Entwicklung (Association for Sustainable Development) and collaboration with Germanwatch, a German NGO. As a result, I tend to support ecologically or socially oriented initiatives in their press and PR work as well as companies that make a contribution to a more sustainable world through renewable sources of energy, efficient energy technologies or their commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility.



    Professional Experience

    • Permanent freelance online editor
      nexum AG
    • Professional Experience
      Freelance Journalist
      Text / Editing / Proofreading
      Sustainable Communication
    • Professional Experience
      Head of editorial team
      GEWOBA magazine “Mittendrin”

    • Professional Experience
      Journalism Traineeship
      eMedienservice Nord
      (Bremer Anzeiger / Akademie
      für Publizistik / Weser-Kurier)
    • Professional Experience
      PR Assistant
    • Professional Experience
      Social Media Editor
    • Professional Experience
      PR Internship
      denkBar – PR & Marketing
    • Professional Experience
      Work concerning climate policy issues
    • Professional Experience
      Advanced Training
      International Project Management

      Gesellschaft für Nachhaltige Entwicklung
    • Professional Experience
      Anne Fries | Lektorat & Übersetzungen
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